Workin' my courage

8:53 AM

Top: gift
Skirt: Macy's
Belt: Target
Shoes: Nine West (gift)

I think I did it!  I have always had an irrational fear of wearing black and brown, and today I overcame that fear. I think this outfit is completely acceptable especially given my lack of experience mixing these neutrals.  I give all the cred to this skirt. It is wonderful, and It has ruffles in the back.

I attended a funeral in the middle of the work day, so this worked for both. It seems like anytime there is a day I feel I need an extra boost of encouragement I am drawn to this necklace. It is something my Hubs and I picked up on our honeymoon. It likely has little to no monetary value, but when I wear it, it helps to remind me how lucky I am.

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