Workin' Pink and Vintage

9:09 AM

Top: Target
Corduroy Jacket: gift
Pants: Gift (part of a suit)
Belt: my mom's
Shoes: Bakers

It is frustrating to me to me that when I plan an outfit the night before, I put it on in the morning and it does not work at all. Yet this outfit happened by accident, and I am really quite pleased with it.

Let's take a moment to discuss this pink belt. It used to belong to my mother. I have no idea exactly how old it is, but it has been in my possession for many years now. In the past I just wasn't sure how or when to wear it. As I take pictures and write this blog, I am learning more and more about where I can and cannot push my own limits.

I realize that this color combination is pretty "springy", but it is technically still "summer" so you can just shush!

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