Workin' before the sunrise

9:16 AM

Tank: Target
Cardigan: gift
Belt: Maurices (came with a shirt)
Pants: gift
Shoes: Guess (gift)
Necklace: LOFT

It is getting more and more difficult to take morning photos. Hopefully, the time change this weekend will help bring back some morning light into my life. In the mean time I've had to use my nifty fifty lens because it does a pretty good job in low light.  On the down side it is a tight lens (i.e. not very wide angle), so the balance between how far my remote will reach and how much of my outfit I can get into the photo is suffering! Sorry you can't see my shoes! They look like this....

I really enjoyed wearing this outfit, and if you hadn't noticed, I have a new favorite necklace!

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