Workin a fancy dinner

9:00 AM

Jacket: Simply Vera (via gift)
Skirt: Express
Shoes: Charolette Russe
Necklace: gift

This outfit was created for many reasons. It was created for easy decision making in the morning after my amazing 94 year old maternal Grandmother took a trip to the ER. She's pretty much the healthiest person I know, so her in the hospital just doesn't compute for me. She's feeling better and doing great now, but I was up much of the night concerned about her.

I also was attending a celebratory dinner after work for some fantastic work that was accomplished by some incredibly smart and successful people. I wanted to wear a jacket to look especially "professional", but I knew the weather would be warm and beautiful. I went with this playful short sleeved option.

I hope your day was less chaotic!

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