A West Virginia weekend.

5:39 PM

I missed another Friday morning photo because we left the house when it was DARK! On the brightside, that means you get to see pictures from my trip around WV with the hubs!

On our way from Indianapolis to our cabin in West Virginia, we made an awesome stop at at place in Kenova called The Pumpkin House. They cover their house in 3,000 pumpkins every year. It is an incredible operation. If you're near there can you can stop by before Nov 1 when they tear down, you should!

This is the "road" to our cabin in Oak Hill, WV. I use the term "road" loosely.

This is the New River Gorge Bridge. It is 851 ft tall, and it is magnificent.

We had the distinct pleasure of walking the catwalks of the New River Gorge Bridge. I didn't think I could talk Hubs into it, but to my surprise, he was gungho!

We did a little rock hoping down by the rapids on New River.

Then high-tailed it to see the Seneca Rocks, which were awesome.

Another 45 minutes up the road we found this awesome waterfall, Blackwater Falls. It was quite lovely.

After lots of driving (about 1,200 total) we never got too used to these amazing views.

On our final day, we had made our way north to Pennsylvannia, and had the distinct pleasure of touring Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater. It was incredible, and something my husband has dreamed of seeing for his entire life. It was spectacular.

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