Blog-iversary #3

5:20 PM

Three years ago today, I started this blog. It is strange to try to conceive how much my life and my self has changed since that day. I'll spare you the awkwardness of me trying to explain it in paragraph form. Let's just say my life is amazing and amazingly different than it was 3 years ago. 

Since I'm taking a moment to reflect, I need to thank my friends and family for all their support. This blog is mostly just fun for me. I like to be creative and challenge the idea that getting dressed for work is boring! I try to project to the world a better, more polished, and professional version of myself each day. 

This year, I have traveled the world, accomplished big goals and had stunning disappointments. I have noticed a shift in my style. I think life's experiences have a profound affect on who I am and subsequently affect my style. It might be undetectable to the rest of the world, but I feel like I'm coming into my own style. It is constantly changing, just like everything else!

Happy Blogiversary to all the people that take the time to see what I'm wearing each morning. Thanks for visiting, and thanks for your thoughts and encouragement. 

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