Meet Finnegan.

9:00 AM

Unless you follow me on Instagram.... I've been pretty MIA for the better part of 4 months.

This little joy is the reason:

Meet Finnegan. 

He's a sweet sweet, colic-y, blue eye'd charmer. He's wonderful.

I fell so far behind with posts while pregnant that I have yet to post any of my pregnancy outfits! I continued to take the photos most mornings, but couldn't always find the time/energy with work, my spunky 2 yr old and just being exhausted because pregnancy.

I'm going to try to not apologize for falling behind on blogging because it seems like it was the right choice for me to take care of my fam and myself first. I'd encourage anyone else to do the same.

Now that Finn is almost 4 months old and we're getting into a decent rhythm around here, I'll try to get some of those outfits posted.

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