Workin' with the Brady Bunch

9:00 AM

Shirt: designed by me (bought at Kohl's)
Jeans: Banana Republic
Sandals: DSW
Hat: Charming Charlie's

Sorry, I do not have a better photo today. This is an annual golf outing that my company participates in every year. I stole our intern from the office and got our tent all set up. Last year, the event was circus themed. This year the theme was "Peace, Love and Golf", so we went with a Brady Bunch theme. We served lots of wonderful "retro" snacks to the golfers going teeing off. (i.e. Tang, Nutter Butters, Starcrunch etc.)

We always make shirts that go with the theme, so I took Photoshop, an old picture from the Brady's tour and replaced their faces with the faces of all the awesome people in our company. The shirts were great and the weather could not have been better! Not to mention, I got to wear a hat! I'm not even cool enough to wear a hat!

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