Workin' the power of neutrals

9:00 AM

Blouse: LOFT
Skirt: Simply Vera (via gift)
Shoes: Carlos Santana (via gift)
Necklace: Macy's

I was watching some What Not to Wear the other night. I remember my sister/shopping buddy and I watching episode after episode of this show on a Saturday night. Yea... we are wild! They were, as always, teaching someone the art of putting an outfit together, and it went something like this:

Interesting Print + Neutral + Pops of Color = Fashionable Outfit

Its seems too simplified, but it really does work. Sometimes I get so caught up in playing with color combinations and doubling my necklaces that I forget how powerful neutrals can be. The grays really help to make the print the stand out. I officially have a new found/renewed appreciation for neutrals.

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