Packing for Europe.

9:00 AM

My packing process mostly lacks organization. Here I have laid out 4-5 pairs of pants, 10 shirts, 3 blazers, 3 sweaters, 3 dresses, 2 pairs of shoes, 2 belts and 3 scarves. In my head, almost all of these items go with almost all of these items, so, in theory, my mixing possibilities are almost endless.

So here are my challenges:

  1. Weather - we are traveling from Munich and Switzerland where the high temps look like they'll be  in the 60's (and below freezing up at the top of the Jungfraujoch!) to Italy where temps will likely be in their 70's-80's. (hopefully NOT 80's)
  2. Space - I am not checking any baggage, so everything will need to fit inside the little carry-on bag you see in the picture. I'll also have a backpack, but it will likely be housing camera, books, travel itinerary etc. 
  3. Shopping - We WILL want to buy a few souvenirs while we're traveling, so we'll have to have room in our luggage to bring them home. This could be a logistical issue!

I'm a problem solver, so here are my solutions:

  1. Weather - Layers! I'll throw in a hat and wear a medium jacket on the plane for going up to the top of the Alps where the temps will be quite cold. These accessories with lots of layers should help me overcome the differences in temperature. I'll also use the blazers to tie my outfits together as well as stay warm. If it gets too hot when we're in Italy, I'll stick to wearing the dresses! Easy Peezy!
  2. Space - My strategy is ROLLING. I'm going to roll all the clothes you see at tightly as possible. Hopefully rolling will also help to prevent wrinkling issues. I'm also limiting my shoes which take up valuable luggage real estate. I'll be wearing the largest pair on the plane and only packing 1 (maybe 2) more. 
  3. Shopping -  My suitcase and will not be at capacity when we leave. If I don't at least have a little extra room I'll have to pear down on my cloths. perhaps cut out a sweater and a shirt or two! This way we can buy some small things and still have room to bring them home!

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