Workin' in a blouse-y jacket

9:00 AM

Jacket: Simply Vera (via gift)
Skirt: gift
Shoes: Nine West (via gift)
Watch: c/o Wristology

Only a few more days until Europe! I'm excited and terrified! I have some neat stuff lined up for you all  to check out while I'm gone, so you should be excited.

My mom got me this jacket as a gift, and I've never seen anything like it. I love things that are unique, and that's probably what my mom was thinking when she got it for me. She's a pretty great gift  giver.

As per usual Baylee likes to photo bomb my pictures, but I'm seriously doubting my ability to go more than 2 weeks without giving her some kisses and snuggles! Luckily she has lots of family nearby that is going to have so much fun snuggling her! #everybodylovesBaylee

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