Workin' the Hulk-ly golf outing

12:41 PM

Shirt: printed by us (bought at Kohl's)
Shorts: Target

Every year we help to sponsor an industry golf outing (like this and this). The theme for the event was Superheroes, and we chose to take our inspiration from The Incredible Hulk!

It is my favorite event, but this year it was postponed (if you remember my whining a month ago) because of storms the night before, but that meant that it was a LOT hotter than it has been in years past. I think the heat index was about 102 deg. For me that meant SHORTS (gasp). I know I know, we don't usually do shorts for work, but this is something different. This was 9 hours in the humid, hot hot hot heat. All bets are off. Comfort is paramount.

Do you have any fun or insanely HOT events you attend for work? (more photos of the event below)

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