Workin' on the roof

10:00 AM

Shirt: Express
Pants: LOFT
Shoes: Steve Madden (via DSW)
Scarf: New York & Co

My dad is putting a new roof on his house, so I spent sometime over the weekend helping him remove old shingles prep the deck boards for new shingles. I always loved being on the roof as a kid. We used to climb this pine tree that was close to the house and get up on the roof. We only did that when mom and dad were NOT home, but it was such a thrilling adventure at the time.

The physical labor worked some new muscle groups, so my muscles are a bit sore today. So I put this outfit together in a Monday daze. Note to self, just about anything goes with stripes!

As a side note, today is my husband's birthday. He's amazing, creative, loyal, loving and thoughtful. Its a good thing I have him as part of my life. Happy Birthday Hubby!

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