Workin' the radio silence!

10:00 AM

Blouse: Norstrom Rack
Skirt: Target
Shoes: DSW
Necklace: Carson's

My universe was hacked! Something happened to my google account requiring me to change my password. After that my blog was completely gone - without a trace! The horror! I thought to myself "when was the last time you backed up?" and of course the answer was "I don't know!"

After doing some more research I found a glimmer of hope that Blogger would have my blog back up, but it might take 1-2 days. Then magically today it returned. I was over joyed!

I am sorry about the radio silence, and I am so excited to be back!

As for the outfit, I was actually playing around with some interesting textures. I'm not sure if it worked or not, but it was a fun experiment.

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