Workin' "pants"

10:00 AM

Tank: Target
Blazer: H&M
Pants/Leggings: TJ Maxx
Shoes: Nine West
Scarf: gift

This outfit is brought to you by one stressed out (soon-to-be) mama. We have about 600 things we need to get done, and pretty much all of them need to get done NOW! For that reason, I woke up ready to wear pants instead of a dress/skirt. The pants that fit me best with this 34 week bump are better described as leggings. That's a complicated thing when it comes to wearing them in a professional office, but I feel like there is a way it can be done that might work. Paring them with the perfect classic blazer and some great accessories takes the whole outfit up a notch. Hopefully a big enough notch to be considered close to "business casual".

Sorry if I'm babbling. I blame parasite that's eating my brain.

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