Easter with Austin

3:28 PM

Blouse: Target
Skirt: ??
Shoes: gift

I know you cant see my shoes, but they are these leopard sandals. No, I couldn't make it though Easter without a little bit of leopard print.

One more time breastfeeding this kiddo makes life more interesting. Normally I choose an "Easter Dress" to wear on Easter, but there are few dresses that allow access for nursing. It isn't actually that important either way, but it has always been something that was fun for me.

So once I accepted the premise of wearing a skirt and blouse instead, I decided I liked the idea of wearing a tool skirt (like this one), but I didn't want to spend that much. I took that as inspiration and picked out this skirt out of my closet instead (sorry I don't remember where it came from!). It has a pretty texture and works nicely with the pretty teal color. I'm pretty happy with the way it worked out. And that's more $$ in my pocket!

Austin had a great Easter, and he looks stinkin' adorable!

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