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Since I'm gone far far away in Europe (today we're leaving Interlaken and heading to Montreux on an amazing scenic train ride) you're getting an interesting smorgasbord of different things to see here on the ol' bloggy blog. I've been hearing from a few that you'd like to know what blogs I love to read and get inspiration from, so here they are!

For Fashion:
There are too many to say, so I'll try to give you the cliffs notes version...

I really enjoy getting inspiration from other bloggers in Indiana, so the only ones I know of so far are:

  1. Catherine - Small Town, Big Wardrobe
  2. Arielle - Beauty by Arielle
  3. Jessica - What I Wore
  • Note: If you know of any other Indiana bloggers, please let me know! I'd love to follow them!

Other blogs off the top of my head that give me inspiration are:

Some of these great people you'll see guest posting here this week! 

To be fair, I'm about 2 months behind on my blog reading, so there are many not listed here. I just wanted to share a few, so you can find some more awesome bloggers to follow!

For the Home:

  1. Forgive me, but I love Young House Love. They are quirky and goofy like me and that just makes me smile. They also have a more personal blog called Young House Life that I enjoy.
  2. I've also been Following Abby over at A Delightful Design, because I met her and she's fantastic!

Also as a note, if you're not using a blog reader of some kind to read all your blogs, you might look into it. I've always used Google Reader, but they are killing it soon. So now I am trying to get used to using Feedly. 

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