Workin' back to work!

10:00 AM

Blouse: gift
Skirt: Marshall's
Booties: GUESS (via DSW)
Necklace: Charming Charlie's

HI!! I'm heading back to work today! Sorry I never really got around to posting much of anything while I was away. In case you were wondering, pretty much everyday I have been wearing legging and a nursing tank! Totally chic!

Baby Nealis (now known as Austin) is now 9 weeks old and he has grown a LOT since I last checked in! He's off to daycare - which my sister and I lovingly refer to as "school". He will be in "class" with my 6 month old niece, so he has a BFF built right in!

I'm probably only telling you these things to make myself feel better. I have enjoyed watching him grow over the last 2+ months, but I do think I'm ready to be back in the world of the working. Staying home is not easy, and as an extrovert, I know I need to be out where the people are.

I'm just rambling as he sleeps in the pack n' play next to me...

On the matter at hand! This outfit.
I wore this back in mid-December when Hubs and I ventured out (with the wee one) to my office Christmas dinner. We are a small 6 person company, so we like to have a fabulous dinner at the boss' house - his wife makes amazing food!

Because its not a big office party, babies are invited. Because I'm breast feeding this meant I needed to dress to be able to either feed at the breast at the party OR to pump and feed him a bottle. In case no one has ever told you this, getting dressed for breast feeding is actually more difficult than getting dressed while pregnant! At least it is for me!

I found this skirt a few months back that I really wanted to wear for the holidays. After agonizing for way to long over what to put with the skirt, I discovered this black top with elastic sleeves hiding in my drawer! I've had it for eons; I don't even remember where it came from. Never the less, today the elastic sleeved shirt saved the day because I almost gave up on the awesome skirt!

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