Workin' first things

10:00 AM

Dress: Banana Republic
Blazer: Jennifer Lopez (via gift)
Tights: TJ Maxx
Shoes: gift

First things first - BabyA and I survived our first day of daycare without tears! We'll I was at least able to drop him off without tears. It was tough/weird leaving him, but man I missed work! I don't want to live at my job or anything, but I definitely missed it.

I didn't realize how much I missed my boy today until I got home to snuggle him! And now after just one day back at work I'm paranoid about my milk supply. I've been told its common to see a decrease in supply when you go back to work, but I crossed my fingers that it wouldn't happen to me!

Almost all of this outfit is Christmas. My mom got me these amazing amazing leopard shoes. They are technically sandals and therefore no good in the winter. But I couldn't NOT wear them, so I pulled out the tights. The dress was a gift from my --- wait for it - Husband! Some little elves told him I was sad that breastfeeding/pumping is not very conducive to wearing dresses, and I do love wearing dresses. So he found two great dresses that are BF friendly! This one was perfect for my first day back at work!

The mis-adventures of me trying to wear clothes and feed my baby! #drama

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